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Ancient Madan Mahal in Jabalpur. (Image: Shutterstock)

After the death of her husband in 1550, Queen Durgavati ascended the throne of Gondwana.

Punyatithi of Rani Durgavati: Rani Durgavati, the queen of Gondwana, is a significant symbol of feminism in India. She was born into a Chandeli family in Uttar Pradesh. In 1542, she married Dalpat Shah, son of Raja Sangram Shah of the Gondwana kingdom. After the death of her husband in 1550, Queen Durgavati ascended the throne of Gondwana.

On June 24, 1564, the queen drew her knife and killed herself on the battlefield. This happened after the Mughal army invaded his kingdom and ensured its downfall.

Today, on the occasion of her death anniversary, we will look at ten lesser known facts about Queen Durgavati and her famous legacy:

  1. The queen was born on the holy festival of Durgashtami, hence the name Durgavati.
  2. Before the wedding, Rani Durgavati had heard about Dalpat Shah’s heroism. She then asked him to be his wife and wrote him a secret letter. Shortly after this incident, Shah married her in his Kuladevi temple.
  3. With the help of Diwan Beohar Adhar Sinha and Minister Man Thakur, Rani successfully ruled the state of Gondwana for 16 years.
  4. The queen was well trained in horsemanship, archery and other sports, and she was known for her combat abilities.
  5. Queen Durgavati is famous as an excellent hunter. When she heard that the tiger had appeared, she did not drink water until she shot him.
  6. Queen Durgavati fought against the army of Mughal Emperor Akbar and drove him out of his kingdom in the first battle.
  7. During the last battle with the Mughal army, the queen intended to attack the enemy at night, but her lieutenants refused. The next day, the Mughals came with large weapons.
  8. When her ministers mentioned the power of the Mughal army, the queen replied, “It is better to die with dignity than to live without self-respect. I have spent a long time serving my country and this time I will not let it be tarnished. There is no choice but to fight. “
  9. India will never forget its martyrs, which is why June 24 is celebrated as ‘Sacrifice Day’.
  10. In 1983, the Madhya Pradesh government identified Jabalpur University as ‘Rani Durgavati University’. Its name is also associated with museums, postage stamps and railways.

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