Will Rhonda Rossi attend WWE’s Royal Rumble 2022? Here’s what the reports say

The ‘worst woman on the planet’ has been missing in action for some time. Professional wrestler, judoka, actress and mixed martial artist Rhonda Rossi lost the WWE RAW Women’s Championship title in 2019 to current champion Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35. However, the match was notable for a vague ending, as Becky’s Rhonda could not beat Rhonda. Net. Rhonda has apparently been on leave for a long time and has completely disappeared from the WWE following her defeat. However she gave birth to a daughter last year. And now, if the reports are to be believed, we can see Rhonda in action again at the Royal Rumble 2022 after three years.

A report by Fightful Select states that WWE is routing to bring Ronda back to view on the Royal Rumble Pay as a long-awaited return. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to pro-wrestling reporter Dave Meltzen, a rematch between Rhonda and ruling champion Becky is also being considered.

According to Faytul, Rhonda’s recovery has been “talked about internally where she has been identified as ‘poorly kept secret’, and has been linked to outside talent. Rhonda’s name was mentioned as a potential Royal Rumble contestant or At the very least, his involvement with Rumble is unknown, to say the least. “

Becky Lynch, meanwhile, added some speculation to Rhonda’s return and later joked in a tweet about a possible reunion.

Becky will defend her title against Scottish wrestler Dudrop at the WWE Royal Rumble 2022, the first mega pay-per-view of the year, to be held on Saturday at the Dome at the American Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Whether Rhonda will make an appearance or not, we can only wait.

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