Will music director Devi Shri Prasad start acting after the success of ‘Pushpa-The Rise’? | Telugu Movie News

Southern Music Director Goddess Shri PrasadTalk of the Town has been the talk of the town since its inception.PushpaIn his recent interview, he reported that pre-production of his first film is currently underway.

Speaking further about his film debut the musician allegedly said that he wanted to be a musician for a long time but after the epidemic he changed his mind, now he doesn’t want to miss any opportunity that comes his way in terms of acting! Therefore, he is also said to have given his approval for his acting career.

Currently, the musician ‘Pushpa’ is at a high level with the success of his latest film and the songs of the film have also become chartbusters in other languages, which has made the film a good box office hit.

Also, their ‘SrivalliSong sung by ‘ Sid Shri Ram Was ranked 22nd and ‘Sami Sami‘From Pushpa (Tamil)’ ranked 25th, while, Oh my gosh (Hindi) ranks 42nd and Telugu version of ‘Sami Sami’ ranks 68th.


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