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Cycling and running are said to be the most popular aerobic activities. Both burn a lot of calories and help you lose weight. You may have tried both or at least once in your life to speed up your weight loss. There is a constant debate to decide which is better. However, there is no comparison between the two as they both work differently and target the body differently to make you fit and healthy. Let’s take a look at the benefits of cycling and running that will help you choose the one that suits you best.

Heart health

Doing strenuous exercises like cycling and running increases the level of oxygen in your body. It also helps in effective pumping of blood and reduction of bad cholesterol, which makes you feel fit and healthy. Running or cycling for a maximum of one hour every day is beneficial for heart health. It just depends on the intensity.

Beneficial: Both

Calorie burning

Cardio exercise is really beneficial for burning extra calories. Running and cycling make you sweat a lot and help you burn extra fat. However, when it comes to burning calories, running is more efficient than cycling because it focuses on the movement of the whole body.

Beneficial: Running

Muscle Strength

Like any other aerobic activity, running and cycling also help increase muscle strength. They tone the muscles and help them become stronger and stronger. If we look at cycling, if the goal is to build muscle it is better than running.

Beneficial: Cycling

Toning muscles

While muscles can be gained by cycling, they can be toned by running. As running works for the whole body and burns more calories, it helps you get out effectively. If you focus on your thighs, abdomen and arms, running is better.

Beneficial: Running

Cycling and running can both be included in your daily routine so that you can benefit from both. However, it also depends on the goals you set. So, first set goals and then choose the activity according to your goals and lifestyle.

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