We may not be the strongest on paper, but we were there for each other

Going forward in the tournament, no one gave India a chance to lift the Thomas Cup as differences arose against a country which had not yet won a prestigious competition.

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But, in times of scarcity of the tournament, the players believed that they could do incredible things. Bring gold to India.

As evidenced by a text communication group involving members of the team that made the nation proud, with the title ‘It’s Coming Home’, the thrilling match against Malaysia and Denmark proved to be a shot for the team that kept an eye on the prize. .

Following the historic victory, the media is flooded with congratulatory messages and congratulations to the badminton hero who made the country proud on the global stage in Thailand. A look at what was going on at the camp during the campaign sheds light on how the team overcame all obstacles to get their hands on the coveted trophy.

In an interview after the resounding victory, Chirag Shetty, Satviksairaj Rankireddy, Kidambi Srikkanth and coach Pullela Gopichand shared their thoughts and experiences that have enriched their lives over the past week.

Chirag Shetty said, “We told everyone in Hyderabad that we would come back with medals. And I knew for a fact that if we push ourselves and we are for each other, even if we lose our games, we will calm down, come back and be happy at the top of our voices for our fellow players. “

“I was disappointed when Satvik and I lost the Chinese Taipei match, but the moment we came out we were back in the dugout cheering on Srikanthbhai as he was playing behind us. And I completely forgot about my loss and we were there to support him. “

“This is what the team is all about. Be present for each other, ”Shetty insisted.

“That’s what we were really good at. On paper we might not be the strongest team, but, we were for each other and that was different for us.”

While Srikkanth was playing his game, Shetty’s doubles partner Satviksairaj could not control his joy as he grabbed the tricolor and burst into a spontaneous jig as he watched the captain win.

“When Srikant Bhai was playing, there was a lot of dancing in the dug-out. I knew he would pull it off. It’s a specialty finisher. “

“I was saying ‘Dhoni … Dhoni … Dhoni’ because he was in action and he finished in style.”

“The first time I called him Dhoni, he got an issue and everyone looked at me. I called again and he got four points in a row. He was ahead 11-7. And of course, he likes Dhoni, “said the excited Satvik.

Team captain Kidambi Srikkanth, who anchored the team during the test, while praising coach Pullela Gopichand, was asked about the factors that contributed to the unparalleled success, including the growing popularity of the game in the country and the helping hand extended by the government. And the private sector.

“Gopi Sir has been supporting me for the last 13 years and no one can take him away. And support from the government, SAI, TOPS has been crucial. “

“Li-Ning and Bank of Baroda have also been exceptionally supportive during the Kovid period. I want to thank everyone for being there. “

“Special thanks to Gopi Sir who will always be present in all my interviews. That is the norm. A lot of credit goes to him for sure. “

“I thank the government and the national federation.”

Srikanth, who may have boasted of cheating death when he returned from a coma a few years ago, has now garnered many accolades in the story of his astonishing-inspiring skills.

“I am just taking it as it comes. Don’t think too much about it. For me, it’s about living every day.

On a mild note, Coach Gopichand talked about how emotions are a part of the game and how each person has their own unique way of coping with distress situations.

“I don’t know how many people are breaking coconuts (a form of prayer in Indian customs) in temples in this part of the country. I’m sure there are definitely some in my family.

“There are a lot of pilgrimages for all of us because this is something historic and all the blessings and support are important.”

“This victory is very special. Winning an individual tournament is part of the story, but coming together as a team and pulling something like that is wonderful. “

“The names of our players, Indonesians, Malaysians and Danes, will be remembered for years to come. And this will be spoken for a long time to come. ”

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