US Virgin Islands Chess Federation is fielding unfit players for the Chess Olympiad: Nigel Short

With the Chess Olympiad set to begin here next month, the former vice president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has alleged that the US Virgin Islands Chess Federation (USVICF) is fielding a non-citizen / resident to play for its team. Top board.
Interestingly, Short resigned as FIDE vice-president just days after the chess body’s Ethics and Disciplinary Commission (EDC) imposed a three-month suspended ban on him.

The allegation against Short was to weaken and discredit the USVICF.

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“The US Virgin Islands Chess Federation continues to register and field unqualified players for violating the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee and #FIDE rules. The latest is Connor Eckelman – Board 1 for the Chennai Olympiad – who was neither born nor lived in USVI, ”Short tweeted.

It is learned that FIDE will check the list of players submitted by the Chess Federation of different countries to play in the Olympiad.

“FIDE does not have the resources to investigate every player. But they should do so when they receive a specific complaint from the FIDE VP. This was not done, “Short told IANS.

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“But unless people are born or live there, they don’t deserve it. Otherwise, it’s just another team from the USA, “Short added.

According to Short, USVICF is FIDE and accredited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

When asked by FIDE how C. Eckelman qualified to register for USVI, the President, Margaret Murphy (from New Hampshire) replied “by (US) citizenship.” Savian, Xiong, Robson and Niemann should register and be fielded, ”Short tweeted.

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