Uncharted Movie Review: Uncharted

With Uncharted, Tom Holland won the gold once again

Summary: Based on the popular video game franchise, Uncharted, a treasure hunt roller coaster follows researchers Net (Tom Holland) and Sully (Mark Wahlberg) as they embark on a globetrottering venture to uncover unknown assets. However, they are not alone in this race and with such a high stakes, they must find a way to trust each other.

Review: A Buff Tom Holland is on the roll. The 25-year-old beloved Spiderman is quickly becoming the only reason we’re drawn to the theaters again, assuring us of the greatest joy in movies in recent times. After his spectacular ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ which created a tsunami at the box office, he returned with another great adventure – Uncharted. And we must say that the web-slinger can fight a good fight. His skills as an action hero, especially his immersive parkour stunts and Snappy Weisscracks make him an ideal choice for this franchise. Like Ryan Reynolds, Holland’s sensitive and quirky, foot-in-mouth humorous personality permeates his screen characters, giving him an edge over others.

Reuben Fleischer’s thrilling adventure is an adaptation of the video game series of the same name. Her film serves as a prequel to the games so you can see a short play, an emotional backstory and her love-hate relationship with the very senior Sully. Don’t panic – you don’t have to be a fan of video games to enjoy this treasure-hunting romp. In addition to exploring and stunning action set pieces, at heart, it is a classic buddy relationship movie that is massively entertaining. Holland and Wahlberg’s chemistry is excellent and their friendship makes this action comedy thrilling from start to finish. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. It has the perfect balance that makes it a healthy pastime.

Fleischer, Zombieland, director of Gangster Squad and the first Venom movie brings its own mood to the franchise without losing its essence. Mind you, this is the best pastime of popcorn so don’t expect gravity or reason. Watch people cheat on each other in a crazy hist through a series of wonderful stunt scenes. Bring on the sequel we say!

PS: There are two post-credit scenes so don’t leave the theater right away.


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