Umran Malik is a great invention, can bowl faster with some technical improvements: Brett Lee | Cricket News

New Delhi: Former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee Highly praised on Monday Umran MalikSays Yuva is a great invention and he can bowl faster if he works on some technical areas of his bowling in the future.
Many young Indian bowlers impressed the experts and fans with their sharp pace in the recently concluded match. IPL 2022 But Malik was a wonderful artist. This Sunrisers Hyderabad The pacer had a breakout season as he was 22 wickets faster in 14 matches and often accelerated to more than 150 km / h. For its impressive performance in IPL In 2022, Malik received the Emerging Player Award.
“There are a lot of people who are throwing some good balls, but I’m really impressed with Umran Malik. I think he’s a great inventor, a young player hitting at 150km / h, so he’s been very impressive. And, I still believe it can move fast, which is exciting not only for people like me, but also for Indian cricket, certainly for many former cricketers who want to see players bowl fast, “Lee told Phoenix Business in the national capital. Told IANS next to the advisory event. .
The Jammu and Kashmir fast bowler is still very young, raw and can improve a lot going forward. Lee, 45, pointed out some key areas where Malik could improve to become faster.
“Something in his run-up is that he can improve the action by pulling down the hard different parts of the wrist position. But, the biggest thing is that a person’s actions are never perfect. My action was never perfect but I always Tried. I have the best version so until the last ball I threw before retiring, I was working on my action. So, the person can continue to improve every day, “he said.
The Australians feel that the batsmen have taken their game to different levels over the last decade and the bowlers have lagged behind. However, he is happy to see people at a speed of 150 kmph in IPL 2022.
“Over the last fifteen years, I’ve noticed that batsmen get bigger shots and hit, more often hit big sixes and different types of shots have been developed and we’ve seen the pace drop and now we think 140 kmph. Fast. Now, what we have seen through this IPL, some people have hit the hurdle at a speed of 150 kmph, which is exciting and so I am ready for it, “Lee said.
Asked about the advice for emerging fast bowlers, the Australian said, “What makes a good fast bowler is a good runner. So, my advice to any young bowler who wants to bowl on his bowling and become a fast runner Wants. ”
Lee, also known as one of the fastest bowlers in the world, praised Hardik Pandya’s captaincy in the IPL, saying that the all-rounder leads the way. Skipper Hardik hit an impressive 3/17 with the ball and also played a crucial 34-run innings to guide the Gujarat Titans in their first season in the IPL Trophy.
“I think he (Hardik) has been excellent. The level of his commitment to the team, I think with both bat and ball, he is superb and watching him take two wickets last night was good for leading from the front.” Said the former Australian cricketer.
“You know what you want from a great captain is of course leadership, respect, that someone who stands up and actually delivers, makes runs, takes wickets is what you want and Hardik has done. So, congratulations to him, He added.
Lee, who is also the brand ambassador for Phoenix Business Advisory – Business Visa Immigration Consultancy, also spoke about the company’s role in helping Indians grow their businesses in Australia.
“Phoenix Business Advisory is creating opportunities for high net-worth individuals based in India to come to Australia to further their business. I am really lucky to be welcomed whenever I come to a beautiful show in India. And we are saying now, the opportunity to trade is open and a free trade agreement has been passed in Australia, “he said.
“There is a huge opportunity to invest and Phoenix makes things a lot easier. It’s seamless from the time you apply for a visa until the end,” he concluded.


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