Typing on the computer for hours causes pain in the fingers. Here’s how you can get rid of it

The coronavirus epidemic, in the last few years, has confined most of us to our homes. In the midst of the epidemic, the hustle and bustle of school and office stopped. And the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Mobile phones and computers have played an important role in balancing work and family life.

The current situation is such that no work is possible without a mobile phone or computer due to initiatives like children’s online classes, virtual office meetings and work from home. However, there is another side to it.

Typing for hours on a computer or laptop can cause hand, shoulder and back pain as well as eye problems. In this article we will learn some easy ways to get relief from finger pain.

Many times we get so busy in our work that even after spending hours on the computer we do not know the time. However, later on, it harms our body and health. And so, it is important to avoid prolonged work and take breaks.

Remember to stretch your fingers even during breaks. Opening and closing the fist at certain times during the day relieves pain in the fingers.

Our habit of sitting and working anywhere affects our body as well as our fingers. So, try to keep the computer and laptop in a place where you do not have difficulty in typing. A table and chair can be a good choice for this.

Often, we start working by sleeping in bed or sitting where we are most comfortable. As a result, we create pressure on our hands, causing pain in the fingers. That is why it is important to pay attention to the position of the hands to relax the fingers.

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