Twitter must follow local laws in India: Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon MuskThe richest man in the world, who has a court battle going on Twitter On the failed bid, which Twitter now wants to push, said the social media giant failed to disclose a “dangerous” lawsuit against the Indian government.
In a countersuit in a Delaware court filed under seal last Friday, Musk also claimed he was “tricked” into signing the deal.
Twitter must comply with local laws in India, Elon Musk said, according to court documents filed by him. Snapshots of court documents were seen circulating on Twitter, posted by New York Times Tech Reporter Kate Conger @kateconger.
“In 2021, India’s Ministry of Information Technology imposed several rules allowing the government to scrutinize social media posts, demand de-identification of information and prosecute companies that refuse to comply. While Musk is a supporter of free speech, he believes that moderation on Twitter ” Now” should be. Closer to the laws of countries where Twitter operates,” read part of a legal filing in the Twitter vs. Musk lawsuit, as New York Times tech reporter Kate Conger posted in a series of tweets.

To Elon Musk’s responses to the court filing, Twitter responded that it “respectfully refers the court to their full and accurate content. Twitter lacks sufficient knowledge or information to form a belief about the truth of the allegations,” and said it “therefore denies. They based on that.”


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