Tum Bin Actor Himanshu Malik Reveals Call Requested To Have An Affair From A Magazine Publishing | Hindi Movie News

Himanshu Malik became famous after his stellar performance in the 2001 hit film Anubhav Sinha‘S romantic film’ Tum Bin ‘. He was one of the main characters with Priyankshu Chatterjee, Sandali SinhaRakesh Bapat and Amrita Prakash.

In a recent interview with Navbharat Times, Himanshu revealed a shocking incident where he was asked to have an affair to stay relevant in the news. Apparently a magazine publication asked him to do so and also gave him a room in Goa. “Immediately after Tum Bin I got a glimpse of what the industry is like and it bothered me a lot. It was a time when magazines were huge. So I got a call from a huge magazine publication asking me to have an affair. I was told That ‘if you have an affair with an upcoming actress, it makes a good story’.

He also added that for the first time he understood how the film industry works. “I was told, ‘Yes, no one can be a star without publicity. We will talk to one or two candidates, they will be as famous as you. We will also give you a room in Goa. You go there now and we will explain.” He gave more information.

Himanshu Malik has recently worn a director’s hat from ‘Chitrakoot’. The recently released film stars Oritra Ghosh, Vibhor Mayank, Nayana TrivediKiran Srinivasa, and Shruti Bapna In the lead roles.


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