TSMC: Apple 3nm M3 chipsets may enter production by Q4 2022, claims report

TSMC 3nm can start production M3 chipsets For MacBooks By the fourth quarter of 2022, citing industry sources, the Digitimes report said. So far, reports about this M2 chipset The series is rounding up and has now come to a surface related to M3 chipsets.
The M1 chipset is built using 5nm technology, the M2 is expected to be a 4nm one and similarly, the M3 is expected to have a 3nm process. The new M1 chipsets for MacBooks M the M1 Pro and M1 Max were launched this year, and according to a report in the Commercial Times, the ‘M2’ and ‘M2 Pro’ chipsets with the M2 are set to launch in 2022 and 2023, respectively. The chip with the codename Staten, while the M2 Pro has the chip Rhodes As a codename. With that in mind, if we trust the Digitimes report, things don’t add up. Why would Apple Trying to bring two generations of Mac chipsets in one year? The probable conclusion is that DigiTimes’ M3 chip could be the M2 Pro of the Commercial Times report.
An earlier report by The Information claimed that the M3 chipset could come with a 40-core CPU which is theoretically a leap as the M1 chipset comes with an 8-core CPU while the M1 Pro and M1 Max The chipset has 10 cores. Earlier rumors said that Apple may bring M3 chipset Macs and A17 Bionic SoC on iPhone 15 in 2023. So, with all these reports and rumors, it looks like we can hang our hats on a 4nm chipset. Mac which is coming next year.


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