Tourists from Ladakh are advised to avoid staying near Pangong Lake without prior booking.

Amid complaints that tourists are finding it difficult to find accommodation in high altitude areas due to heavy rush, Ladakh authorities have advised holidaymakers not to plan to stay in the Pangong Lake area without booking in advance.

The Ladakh tourism department has also advised tourists not to travel to high altitude areas like Khardongla, Changla, Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri and Penzella before 48 hours of their arrival in Leh.

“The Pangong Lake area is a proposed wildlife sanctuary and therefore the availability of habitat is limited. Given the limited accommodation available, tourists / visitors should avoid plans to stay in Pangong without booking accommodation in advance, ”the Ladakh Tourism Department said in a statement.

Extends to about 160km and lies within a third India And the other two-thirds in China, Pengong Lake is the world’s highest saltwater reservoir at an altitude of 4,350 meters and is a great attraction for tourists visiting Ladakh.

Its water, which appears to be painted blue, is in stark contrast to the surrounding arid mountains. An advisory was issued on Friday to ensure safe and secure visit and stay of tourists in the Union Territory of Ladakh.

“Tourists / visitors are advised to travel to Ladakh by road / air with proper pre-booking of accommodation (by registered travel agents / tour operators) … Tourists / visitors are advised to travel to Khardongla, Changla, Pangong etc. Do not travel in high altitude areas. Lake, Tsomoriri, Penzella, etc. 48 hours before landing / arrival at Leh.

To avoid inconvenience, the advisory asked visitors to book a taxi / vehicle in advance by registered travel agents and tour operators.

“Tourists / visitors are advised to contribute to the cleanliness of all tourist spots and all routes. They are advised to respect nature, environment, local traditions and culture and to abide by all rules, regulations and (official) advice.

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