Top Legends: Apex Legends became the most downloaded game on iPhone in 60 countries

This week, Respawn Games and Electronics Arts brought the popular Battle Royale game Supreme Legends To Android And the iPhone, known as the Apex Legends Mobile. According to a report, days after its launch, Apex Legends Mobile Has become the most downloaded game on App Store In 60 countries. The Apex Legends Mobile has a pre-registration number of 15 million players.
In more than 60 countries, including the UK, India, Germany, the UK, Japan and many more, Response Games’ Apex Legends Mobile is the most downloaded game on the App Store, according to a report from Censor Tower. Not only that, the game is in the list of top-10 games on the App Store in 89 countries. The creators released a local version of Apex Legends Mobile in Hong Kong and MacauAnd it also topped the charts on the first day of release.
Apex Legends is one of the most popular titles on PC and consoles, and it is clear that many of them also wanted to try out their favorite game on mobile, bringing it to the top of the charts.
Apex Legends Mobile introduces a new legend to the world of Apex Legends, The Fed. The mobile version of the game also brings a new map, overflow and a set of new weapons for combat. Apex Legends Mobile was released on May 17 and is now available for download on Android and iPhone via Google Play Store and App Store respectively.


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