Time was given by Manchester United after Victor Lindelof’s home burglary

Manchester United will miss Saturday’s Premier League clash with defender Victor Lindelof West Ham as his wife and children had to hide from burglars when the Swedish international won 3-1 at Brentford on Wednesday.

United interim boss Ralph Rangnik said he had allowed the player to miss training on Friday following a “shocking” incident.

“He told me what really happened and it was a really shocking incident, especially for his wife and three-year-old son,” Rangnik said.

“She told me she needed to stay home right now. He does not want to leave his wife and his family alone, which I fully understand as a father of two.

“We have agreed that he will not train today and will not be on duty for tomorrow’s game.”

Lideloff’s wife, Maja, revealed on social media that she had locked herself in a room with the couple’s two children to avoid intruders.

“We are fine under the circumstances but obviously it was a very traumatic and scary moment for both (me) and my young children,” she posted on Instagram.

United said they were supporting Lindelof and urged anyone with information to come to the police.

“His family, who were at home at the time, were insecure but clearly shaken,” the club said in a statement.

“It was a sad experience for him and for Victor when he found out about it after the game, and the club gives us our full support.”

Rangnik revealed that Jadon could also miss the West Ham match due to compassion after the death of a Sancho family member.

“He was an important member of the family, someone close to him all his life,” German added.

“I have to wait and see, talk to him before and after training and then decide whether he will be available for tomorrow.”

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