This is what Vicky does before marriage.

Vicky Skills and Katrina Kaif They are in the discussion due to rumors of their marriage. Vicky is one of the rising stars Bollywood The movie industry. This star has given us many blockbuster hits in the past and some absolutely stunning performances. With passion and hard work Vicky has won millions of hearts and continues to do so. The actor is a fitness freak and he pushes the limits to become a better version of himself. Vicky is not afraid to share a glimpse of her extensive training at the gym, she posts clips and pictures of her intense workout routine on Instagram.

He is seen sweating with strenuous workouts including pull-ups, treadmill runs, weight training, battle rope training and more. Masan, her first movie, URI: From her beautiful appearance in The Surgical Strike, Vicky’s physical transformation is wonderful, and she has inspired millions.

The actor frequently posts his shirtless pics to express his chiseled body and well-defined six-pack abs. It is reported that Vicky swears by the morning workout and the actor makes sure that he does not miss a day in the gym. In addition to lifting heavy weights and pulling deadlifts, he is also involved in cardio training. In an Instagram post, the actor was seen sleeping on a bench, doing frequent sit-ups.

In addition to strenuous training and workouts, the actor believes in a healthy diet and lives by a diet rich in nutrients. In another social media post, Vicky shared an image of her snack, featuring ‘alo ke parathe’ and white butter.

One thing about the actor’s fitness regime that sets him apart is that he is not boring. Vicky and trainer Mustafa Ahmed know how to keep the actor motivated; Both of these involve different workout routines to break the monotony.

In addition to weightlifting and cardio, Vicky also practices a Brazilian martial art called Ginga Capoeira, which includes dancing, aerobics, swimming and more.

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