These cooking hacks will enhance the taste of your food

There is no doubt that cooking is an art and making delicious food is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is not necessary to know how to cook that the food prepared by the person becomes very tasty. Some people make a dish that tastes better than a dish prepared by an equally experienced chef, sometimes at home. All this can be achieved by making some small changes in the cooking. A small tweak to the method can significantly change the taste.

Read on to learn about some of the small changes you can make to your cooking style that will leave your family members or guests licking their fingers.

Parathas are made in most homes. If you want to make paratha delicious, grate the boiled potatoes and mix while making paratha. Instead, fry the paratha in butter instead of ghee or oil. The taste will be good.

Add a little hot oil and 1 pinch of arrowroot to the batter to make the pakoda crispy and tasty. Sprinkle chaat masala on top while serving pakoda.

Every effort is made to make the gravy a little thicker but the best option is to just add the essence. Not only will you get the thickness you want but it will also taste good.

If you have a problem with the noodles sticking together, add a little oil and salt to the water while boiling the noodles. After removing them from boiling water, wash them with cold water.

When mixing the dough to make crispy puri, add a teaspoon of rice flour or semolina and mix well. This will make the puris crispy.

While boiling rice in water you can try adding a little lemon juice. This will make the rice more blooming, white and delicious.

If you have purchased a large quantity of okra and are now having trouble storing it for a long time, don’t worry. Apply a little mustard oil in the okra. This ensures that the okra stays fresh for a long time.

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