The World in the Early Stages of Metavers Evolution: Randy Zuckerberg

Mumbai: Randy ZuckerbergFounder and CEO of Zuckerberg Sister of Media and Meta Co-founder Mark ZuckerbergThat said, the world is currently in the very early stages of evolving metavers, even as virtual 3D ecosystems begin to take shape around the Internet.
She said that while Metavers, a 3D presentation of the Internet that can be played via virtual reality headgear on smartphones, is currently popular in gaming and entertainment, the scope of the app will grow many times over in the coming years.
“We’re in the early stages, and it’s not there yet,” Zuckerberg told the Times Network India Economic Conclave.

Speaking about the immediate opportunities on Metavers, she listed education and training and customer support helplines as “tremendous businesses” in the new Internet ecosystem.
And while brands aren’t really big on Metavers right now, she said the pace is slowly picking up. “Right now, people are buying real estate on Metavers. There are multimillion-dollar virtual real estate deals. Real estate worth about $ 500 million has been sold in the last few months. Categories like fashion and art are moving forward.”
She also said that the hardware for accessing Metavers would be simpler and less complicated. “Hardware for Metavers will explode. Current VR headsets are getting better, but still big and cumbersome.”
Zuckerberg said fast telecom networks would help provide much-needed computing power to enable the growth of metavars.
On crypto, she said that while she is “very excited” about the digital currency, she is “equally real about the good and the bad” when it comes to tenders. “There needs to be a middle ground between full centralization and decentralization.”


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