The Splendid show helps the green Noah to conquer the difficult stage

India’s lone representative Harith Noah finished 23rd after a day of rest with a stellar performance as he successfully completed Stage 7 in the big section of the 44th Dakar Rally here on Sunday.

After a day of rest, TVS Racing Factory rider, Noah, started on an aggressive note and negotiated on rough terrain and long hills before the second 50 points after the first 50kms negotiations, according to information received from Indian riders. Team

Despite losing about 10km and having to ride back to logging on to the missed waypoint, he displayed enough racecraft and continued his impressive pace admirably as he finished the long 402-km time special in the top-25.

Kerala’s sports science graduates have thus risen to 27th position in the overall general rankings after eight days of racing in the sand. Sunday’s challenging 700-km stage was a mix of seemingly endless hills, including contact distances, followed by more difficult-to-navigate valley and river stretches, and the 28-year-old TVS rider negotiated with ease and kindness as he The stage felt interesting and interesting for him.

Competing with select people in RallyGP class, India’s top rider, the only tricolor-flying crusader, suffered two crashes during the second fall in Stage 5 and suffered a severe shoulder injury, but he carried the injury bravely and courageously. Constantly moving forward.

The five-time Indian national supercross champion said: “I enjoyed the stage despite the cold day, which I am not used to. It was a long and hard day with challenging navigation and difficult hills, but I like difficult navigation. I was alone all day and pushing myself all the way. “With firmly trained locations on the Finnish line in Jeddah on 14 January, Noah concluded,” I hope there will be more days like this and today will be a happy day. “

The Astroids at the Shareco 450 SEF Rally spent months preparing for the horrific rally known as the mecca of the Indian cross-country endurance rally and captured the second phase in which more than four out of 140+ riders suffered casualties.

Noah’s team-mate at Sherco, Lorenzo Santolino, was the best among the Indians, ranking 5th behind H’ro MotoSports’ Joaquim Rodriques, while another Sherco rider, Rui Goncalves, was 16th after Stage 7. Aaron Merr, a young player from Hero MotoSports, got the spot. 22nd The 12-stage 7200-km cross country rally has five more stages left, the first leg of the new World Cross Country Rally Championship.

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