The secret to 48-year-old Malaika Arora’s fitness

Bollywood diva Malaika Arora advises her fans to follow a healthy routine, eat right and include yoga or workouts to bring balance between their body, mind and soul. The actor believes that making positive lifestyle changes makes a person an ideal version of himself.

Even at the age of 48, Malaika rivals young artists. No doubt she has the most fit body in B-Town. But what is the secret behind it? Here are some tips from Malaika’s routine that can inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle:

Yoga, Workout, Stretching:

If you follow the actor on Instagram, her feed shows her passion for yoga and workout. While the actor prefers to start his day with yoga asanas, he enjoys running and going to the gym just as much.

In some days, Malaika also opts for HIIT (high-intensity training sessions). Like all of us, there are occasions when she feels a little lazy in laboring her body by doing a rigorous routine, so the actor compromises with the load of loads and stretches.

Drink water:

Malaika prefers to start her day with water or a detox drink. He usually mixes lemon and honey in a hot cup of water or drinks cumin water or just a glass of water. During the day, the actor makes sure that his body is hydrated. In one of her Instagram videos, Malaika shared the right way to drink water, which according to her is the simplest and most important source of energy. The actor advised his fans to take a sip of water instead of standing.

Diet plan:

In a chat with ETimes, Malaika shared that she had a proper lunch, which included a few carbohydrates and good fats, such as chicken and rice, whole grains or vegetables. “I have something for an evening snack – a very light, healthy snack. And I’ll have my dinner by 7 p.m., ”she said.

The actor suggests that dinner might be a little bit of everything – vegetables, or if there is a meat eater, meat, eggs or some greens or lentils. On days when Malaika wants to keep dinner light, she takes a bowl of soup with a plate of boiled vegetables or a salad.

“I split it up and make sure to try to have as many healthy meals as possible. And that is. I don’t have anything after 7 p.m., ”she said.

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