The Jaipur Pink Panthers ended Dabangg Delhi’s unbeaten run

Jaipur Pink Panthers and Dabangg Delhi (PKL)

In Pro Kabaddi Season 8, Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated Dabangg Delhi 30-28.

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The Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated Dabangg Delhi KC 30-28 in a close-knit 46 match of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Season 8 at The Sheraton Grand, Whitefield here on Monday. Naveen Kumar and Arjun Deshwal, who were both on Super 10 streaks for their respective teams, failed to cross milestones in the strategic battle.

But coach Sanjeev Balian and his Jaipur team finally laughed when Sahul Kumar got high 5 (8 tackle points) and Deepak Hooda got nine raid points. Season 8 ended Dale’s unbeaten run as the lack of a secondary rider to help Naveen Kumar proved costly.

The first half was a contentious affair with both Naveen Kumar and Arjun Deshwal. Delhi got off to a good start with their experienced defensive line-up for the match. By the 10th minute, they had managed to reduce Jaipur to just three men on the mat. But Sahul Kumar made a super tackle to swing the match in favor of the Panthers.

The two sides matched each other at the sharp end of the half in which Naveen escaped two fears of injury. The score was 12-12 at intervals and both sides failed to get all out.

Delhi got off to a great start in the second half and were all out in the fifth minute. His five-point lead, however, did not last long with Jaipur’s defense finding form. Sahul Kumar ran to his high 5 as Jaipur equalized in the 10th minute at the time out. Deepak Hooda was in good form for the Panthers as he pushed Delhi to an all out and took the lead. But Delhi managed a super tackle with Ashu Malik.

Delhi had a four-point lead in the last five minutes, but Jaipur’s Deepak Hooda eventually got a two-point raid that eventually paved the way for an all-out. This pace helped the Panthers take the lead in the final minutes and ended the unbeaten streak of Delhi by winning the match.

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