The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has asked the Indian body to hold elections to the General Assembly this month and by January.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has advised the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to reschedule its December 19 elections in view of the pending case in the Delhi High Court but has requested the body to proceed with its general meeting on the same date.

In a letter to IOA President Narendra Batra, the IOC said that elections should be held before the end of January after making necessary amendments to the IOA constitution.

“As things stand, we note that due to a court order, the IOA election, initially planned, will no longer be held on December 19, 2021. However, unless otherwise indicated in the court order, we understand that the UOA General Assembly may still be held on December 19, 2021, along with other items on the agenda that are not related to the election, “the IOC said in a statement. Wrote in communication.

“Then, in accordance with the IOA Constitution and the Olympic Charter, in order to respect the four-year election cycle, the Elective General Assembly will be rescheduled as soon as possible and should take place by the end of January, 2022.”

According to IOA sources, the main issue is the restrictive provision in Article 11.1.3 of the IOA Constitution which requires candidates for the post of President and Secretary-General to have previously held the same position or to have elected members in any of the previous five Executive Councils. Of IOA.

“We took note of the court’s decision, which will, of course, be respected. However, it is unfortunate that such institutional and internal issues have not been addressed and addressed directly within the IOA, “the letter said.

The IOC clarifies that any amendment to the Constitution must follow due process and then be submitted to the IOC for approval.

“As you know, any possible proposal to amend the IOA Constitution should only follow due process in accordance with the IOA Constitution, and be submitted to the IOC for prior approval and adoption by the IOA General Assembly.”

The Delhi High Court has stayed the election of the IOA’s executive committee on the plea of ​​senior advocate Rahul Mehra.

Mehra has submitted in his petition that the proposed elections to be held on December 19 are completely illegal and unsustainable and should not be held till the hearing is pending.

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