The health benefits of black currants that you need to know

Raisins are an integral part of the Indian diet, especially in festive desserts. While the color of raisins for most of us is dark yellow or brown, it is black currants that have multiple health benefits. Black currants are small, wrinkled and full of juice and flavor. Ayurveda expert Dr. Diksha Bhavsar claims that it helps in lowering high blood pressure, preventing anemia and many other health benefits. Dr. Bhavsar further claims that it is a wonderful addition to our diet as it is rich in iron and rich in antioxidants.

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Dr. According to Diksha Bhavsar, it is best to consume steeped black currants for one night, as dry food can exacerbate your gout, which can worsen your gastric problems. Soaking it overnight will make it easily digestible. These blacks are full of small benefits, some of which are listed below:

Helps in osteoporosis

Black currants are rich in potassium, while they are also rich in calcium. This makes them very beneficial for your bone health.

Reduces hair loss and gray hair

Black currants are not only high in iron but also high in vitamin C. It helps in rapid absorption of minerals in the body and also promotes optimal hair nutrition.

Controls blood pressure

High blood pressure affects a growing number of people around the world, depending on their age or lifestyle choices. Dr. Bhavsar claims that black currants can help with this condition because “potassium is responsible for lowering sodium in the blood.”

Black currants keep anemia at bay

Raisins are high in iron and vitamin B-complex, both of which help in the formation of red blood cells. Eating a handful of raisins regularly can help prevent anemia.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Black currant, dr. According to Bhavsar, lowers “LDL cholesterol” in the blood. LDL cholesterol, commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”, puts more emphasis on the heart’s ability to perform regular duties. Serving black currants daily can help improve heart health.

It enhances oral health

According to a recent study conducted by the United States Department of Food and Nutrition, black currants may be good for your oral health. Eating raisins can help you avoid cavities. Raisins contain five phytochemicals and plant antioxidants, including oleanolic acid, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay, according to the study.

Relieves constipation

Dr. According to Bhavsar, black currants are rich in dietary fiber. Fiber has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for decades to provide instant relief from constipation.

Other notable benefits:

  1. Black currants help relieve menstrual cramps.
  2. They will boost your energy levels.
  3. They will help reduce acidity.

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