The government has imposed restrictions on wheat exports

New Delhi: The government has placed wheat exports under the “restricted” category. In an order issued late Friday night, the Ministry of Commerce This is being done to manage the overall food security of the country and for the support of neighboring and vulnerable nations.
According to the instruction, wheat will be allowed only in case of “where shipment” Indefinite letter of credit Issued on or before the notification. “Exports will also be allowed on that basis,” he said Government of India To other countries to meet their food security needs and at the request of their governments.
TOI reported on Friday that the government is ready to take a decision on whether to slow down wheat exports amid concerns over declining food grain stocks. Food Corporation of India (FCI). The issue of wheat stock with the government to meet the statutory requirement under the Food Security Act and other welfare schemes came before a committee of ministers chaired by the Union Home Minister. Amit Shah On thursday.
Officials expressed concern about the current pace of wheat exports to other countries and the possible trend for the next few months due to the protracted Russia-Ukraine war.


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