The Bengal Warriors recorded a narrow victory over the Telugu Titans

Bengal Warriors and Telugu Titans (PKL)

Bengal Warriors beat Telugu Titans 28-27 in Pro Kabaddi Season 8.

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Defending champions Bengal Warriors beat the Telugu Titans 28-27 in the Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 at The Sheraton Grand, Whitefield on Monday.

In the low-scoring affair, both teams were seen exchanging leads with defenses at the top. Bengal captain Maninder Singh made the Super 10 but it was the Warriors defenders who showed mental restraint to win at the last minute.

The Telugu Titans will be amazed at what they need to do to win season 8. His Raider Rajneesh once again got Super 10 (11 points) but all out in the final minutes cost him dearly.

Both teams took a cautious approach in the first half. Galla Raju made seven starts for Rohit Kumar in Telugu but the Titans hoped that the riding pair of Rajneesh and Ankit Beniwal would score the most. Unfortunately for him, Bengal left corner Ran Singh was in superb form, taking three tackle points in the first half.

The Bengal Raiders, however, struggled to exert their magic against the Titans. Maninder Singh took just three points while Sukesh Hegde contributed four bonus points which helped the Telugu team to stay within touching distance. The first half ended 14-13 with a Bengal lead.

The Titans’ own defense Sandeep Kandola was fighting well with him marshalling from the left corner. He ensured that the Bengal Raiders remained calm in the opening minutes after the resumption. Rajneesh’s three-point super raid in the 5th minute gave the Titans a 4-point lead and they managed to maintain the points gap till the first time out.

Maninder Singh and the Bengal defenders had just 1-point play left in the match while Rajneesh was struggling in his attack. Ran Singh got into a scuffle with Rajneesh in two minutes to give Bengal a decisive allout and a narrow lead. The Warriors then wisely managed the rest of the time to win one-point.

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