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The wait is finally over! First look Barry Keogen As The Joker Is out, and that’s beyond the expectations of any fan.

The producers on Thursday released a 5 minute deleted surprise scene Robert Pattinson Starrer or features Batman Joker’s interrogation at Arkham Asylum. While the film gives us only a vague glimpse of the character, the new clip gives us a terrific closer look at the character and his distorted facial features.

Looking at the clip, it looks like the deleted scene was set somewhere earlier Batman Can catch Ridler. In the clip, he reaches out to the crime clown prince to help catch the killer.

“I know who he is,” says the Joker.

Being further investigated by Bruce WayneHe says, “It’s not someone who wants to be someone …”

He also teases Batman by saying, “Maybe he’s a fan of yours? Or maybe he’s angry with you, or maybe you’re the main road … no principles?”

Watch the following clip:

Batman deleted the scene Keoghan may not give a crystalline look to the perfect Joker’s face, but it does give a terrifying glimpse of his horrible smile, his scarred face, and his restless head. One thing that resonates long after the clip is finished is the Joker’s ominous laugh.

Director Matt Reeves also shared a still from the clip and captioned it, “Who gets the last laugh …?”

Barry then shared the post and wrote, “No words.”

Barry’s cameo from the movie was leaked online, however, it is not close to this version of the Joker. The clip has rooted fans for the actor’s comeback as the main villain for ‘The Batman 2’, which has been the talk of the town since its global success.

‘The Batman’ has grossed an estimated US 600 600 million at the box office so far, making it the second highest grossing film after the epidemic.


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