Tapasi Pannu’s nutritionist reveals her favorite food and its healthy recipes

Bollywood actress Tapasi Pannu has a strong handling of both her acting career and fitness skills. If you scroll down to her Instagram profile, you’ll find her drilling muscles and weight lifting abilities, and more. She is always ready for any challenge and strongly supports her diet and lifestyle choices.

Known as a fitness enthusiast, Tapasi always eats healthy food made by her nutritionist Moonmoon Ganeriwal, which Chhole Bhature calls Tapasi’s “favorite meal”.

Irresistible Chhole Bhature is one of the special Punjabi food that everyone likes and it is very rich. However, carbohydrates from refined flour are often considered unhealthy for us.

But don’t worry, Tapasi’s nutritionist has shared a healthy recipe for Chhole Bhature. Inside PostMoonmoon Ganeriwal has shared a wonderful gluten-free bhatura recipe that is perfect for lunch.


● In a medium bowl, take 2 cups of fresh yogurt and make sure it is not sour. Then add 2 cups of meda or (refined flour), 2.5 cups of wheat flour (wheat flour) and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Mix all the ingredients well. To knead it, add water as needed.

માં In the next step, after making the dough, cover the bowl with a cloth. Then, to ferment the dough naturally, leave it in a warm place overnight for 7-8 hours.

સવારે The next morning, add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of ghee to the fermented mixture. You can use warm water if necessary.

After that, collect the dough and shape it like a compact ball. Then, cover it again with a damp cloth and keep it in a warm place for 2 hours.

Mix the flour again and shape it into 15-20 balls. Then, roll in bhaturas and deep fry in ghee.

Finally, serve it hot with chhole, hot pickled ginger and onion.

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