Swiggy lets employees do gigs in their free time

BENGALURU: Moonlighting and side hustles are gaining legitimacy, and Indian startups are bucking the trend. Days after announcing that its employees could permanently work from anywhere, Swiggy Said employees may undertake outside projects, even if they involve financial compensation.
However, internal approvals are required, especially if it is a project that “raises a high risk of conflict of interest or interference with the duties of Swiggy employees”.
The Bengaluru-based food and grocery delivery venture said the project should be done outside office hours or on weekends and should not affect their productivity on a full-time job.
Swiggy said that during the lockdown, a significant portion of the working population has discovered new hobbies and perhaps even activities that provide an additional source of income.
Swiggy’s HR Head Girish Menon said that the company always strives to understand the diverse aspirations of its employees and design its organizational policies. claim their evolving needs.
Fintech unicorn Cred recently told TOI that it encourages side hustles.

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