Spain Island Restaurants Introduces New Dress Code To Combat ‘Drunk Tourists’

As Europe began to welcome tourists from around the world two years after the Covid-19 epidemic, many outbreaks of the nuisance were reported in parts of the continent. To curb anti-social behavior among drunken tourists in public places, some restaurants on the Spanish island of Mallorca have introduced dress codes. According to The Guardian, most of Playa de Palma’s restaurants have seen an increase in “shirtless, dressed or football-jersey-wearing” tourists, who will no longer be allowed.

Instead of exploring the local cuisine or the beauty of the island, the move comes after the recent flood of “drunken tourists” caused havoc. Juan Miguel Ferrer, CEO of Palma Beach, told The Guardian, “Since May 10, we have been suffering from the influx of large groups of tourists who just want to get drunk on the streets, or on the beach or on the beach. “

To combat this problem, a group of hotels and restaurants has decided not to allow shirtless tourists and football jersey wearers. Explaining the choice of dress code as a strict no-entry, Ferrer told the news portal that a person should take a bath or change clothes to enter the restaurant. “You’re not going to come here dressed in beach clothes or drinking straight in the streets,” he added.

The restaurant owner says he has seen how some tourists arrive at hotels around 10 a.m. and by 2 p.m., they are so drunk that they can’t even walk. The Guardian reports that some of these dipsomaniac travelers have been leaving them on the sidewalk.

It should be noted that in 2020, Spain introduced legislation to curb alcohol-fueled holidays. Happy Hours, Free Bars and Two for One Drink parties were banned by law. The law also makes it illegal to advertise a pub crawl. The law also stipulates that shops selling alcohol, which are open all night, may close between 9.30pm and 8am or risk a fine of up to € 600,000 or closure for three years.

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