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Sonam Kapoor Koffee with Karan 7 made a glamorous appearance with brother Arjun Kapoor. It was hard to miss her pregnancy glow and what we didn’t miss was her candid nature on the couch that she wore in her previous looks. The conversation started with her pregnancy and Karan Johar It led to the trend of fashion photography before events pioneered by Sonam.

KJo asked her what she thinks about trends these days, whether people are trying too hard, or whether red carpets are looking flat, or if fashion photos are getting a little too much now. Sonam then revealed how it all started. “The reason Rhea (Kapoor) and I decided to do the photos was because when we went on the red carpet, we realized we had a lot of business behind us. And we were borrowing, most of my clothes are borrowed. 90 percent of my clothes are borrowed. are taken.”

When Karan was taken aback, Sonam revealed, “They lend you clothes, we’re not buying.
A little crazy to spend good money on it.

She continued, “We were like, credit where credit is due. The pure reason is that if someone lends me something, I want to make sure that person gets good photos, the designer gets good photos, and we Credit it. But now I don’t know if they’re borrowing it or buying it and putting it in.”

When KJo asked what she thought of the Cannes Film Festival this year, Sonam revealed that she got a lot of messages because she didn’t go to Cannes this year due to her pregnancy. “I don’t know if I missed it. Like I’ve been trolled before in Cannes for my sartorial choices. So who am I to know what you’re wearing or who’s wearing what. Maybe people think my taste is bad. is. bad.”

Karan and Sonam, however, agreed that Deepika Padukone’s appearance in Cannes was impressive this year.


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