Soccer-Wimmer goals and Rabona won the Armenia Shock Win at Frankfurt

FRANKFURT, Germany: Patrick Weimer scored a goal and relegation-threatened Armenia Bielefeld on Friday to give European hopefuls a 2-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt and a five-match unbeaten run.

For an early lead, Weimer drilled a low shot in the fifth minute but topped it with a sensational effort in the 27th minute.

He got the ball right inside the box and then flicked a Rabona – where he crossed the kicking foot on the back of the standing leg – to Alessandro Schoepf to get the ball inside his chest and complete the dream aid.

Armenia were confident after their opening lead and they were diligent and dogged in defense before Stefan Ortega stopped Rafael Bore in a one-on-one in stoppage time.

Following their five-game unbeaten run, they are three out of three at the bottom and two points ahead of the relegation playoff spot at 14th.

Intract has not yet won in 2022 and is in eighth place with 28 points.

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