Shopkeepers around the world are facing a shortage of beer, popcorn

The shortage of popular food items, from popcorn to sriracha (a spicy sauce), is hitting restaurant and grocery shelves this summer, indicating that the world’s largest supply chain is still under pressure.
In the last few months, many seemingly random foods have become wildly expensive or unusually difficult to find. These include lettuce inns AustraliaIn the onion and salami Japan And bottled beer Germany, Sending businesses scrambling to find alternatives to feed their customers. The problem is not usually a shortage of production but more with an expanded global supply chain. It is a whirlwind of factors ranging from weather to geopolitical tensions and renewed demand.
When manufacturers can’t make enough glass bottles and aluminum cans, it reduces people’s ability to buy things like soda and beer. Lack of shipping containers and tight labor market increase supply challenges. RussiaInvasion of Ukraine It further increased, cut supply of grain and cooking oil, and increased food and energy prices.
One of the newest additions to the list of undiscovered items is Sriracha. Iconic sauce maker, Hugh Fong Foods, Has been forced to suspend production due to shortage of chillies. Consumers are mourning the “worst news of the year” and the “end of days.”
In the US, popcorn addiction is also a major concern for moviegoers, as millions flock to theaters for summer blockbusters. Not only are containers such as lids, cups and paper bags in short supply, farmers can also abandon corn to switch to a more profitable crop. Vegetables are also hard to come by.


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