Shawn shares how he previously did not understand the importance of mental health; Guess why Deepika Padukone will go through depression Hindi Movie News

Singer Shaan Recently talked about mental health and admitted that he was unaware of it before. He also added that while Deepika Padukone She explained about the fight with depression, and wondered what could be the cause.

Back in 2014, Deepika Depression was diagnosed and since then, she has been a big advocate for hating mental health problems.

Recently in a chat show hosted by Mandira Bedi, Shane talked about how his understanding of mental health was initially limited. He shared, “Deepika has a foundation, Love the creatures and smile. At the time, she talked about mental health and clinical depression. At that time I had a cynical, stupid idiot in me, ‘That is Deepika Padukone, one of the most successful actresses, she has the most supportive parents, she started from there … why would she go through depression?’ ”

He admitted that he did not read or understand enough. He realized, while his wife Radhika Was diagnosed with clinical depression. Shane shared, “I took it personally until I found out that it is a chemical and medicine is an important part.

Most recently, the singer touched on the topic of clinical depression in her single, Tanha Dil 2.0, which was released back in October. It was a reprinted version of his hit song, released in 2000.

In an interview with PTI, Shane said that he wanted to raise awareness about mental health through Tanha Dil 2.0. “Coincidentally this is happening 20 years after the first track. We have tried to address a sensitive issue sensitively and I hope that people will not only enjoy the song but also assimilate the message. Mental health is a long and difficult condition to face. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


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