Sanjay Dutt: I am preparing to work with Sanjay Gupta again; It’s home turf for me Hindi Movie News

In 2021, filmmaker Sanjay Gupta talked about working with the Bombay Times. Sanjay Dutt. “It will happen sooner or later, but with the right script,” he said. The filmmaker and actor have been friends since the early 90’s. The first film together with him was Atish, and over the years, they have collaborated in films like Kante, Musafir, Zinda and Shootout at Lokhandwala. The last film with him was Ten Stories from 2007. Recently, while chatting with BT, Sanjay Dutt spread beans about the project in which he will soon collaborate with Gupta, and recreate the genre, swagger and matches that his films were known for together. “I do not know how or why it happened. Despite the brilliance of life’s slice and boy-next-door stories, our DNA still leans towards heroism and prowess. The storytelling of Manmohan Desai and Subhash Ghai mixes these elements beautifully. Sanjay Gupta knows how to blend in these elements with a unique understanding of style and charisma. The lead in his film, no matter what he played, looked sexy and was recognizable as a hero. Musafir, Kante, Zinda, Atish: This man has a non-linear treasure of one-liners. We will work together in a few months from now. ”

Without wanting to go into details or the title of the project they will be working on together, Dutt added, “In many ways, we grew up holding each other’s hands. I know Gups well and I know what he wants from me. In the beach, the main behak was gone. I didn’t take care of myself and I didn’t want to work with him at a time when I wasn’t at my best. The reason I went to the gym was that I started preparing myself to work with it again. I’ll be back to my home turf soon. ”

Talking to Dutt about working in his brand new, fitter incarnation, Gupta said, “Obviously, after all these years, I wanted to work with Sanju again. I was waiting to find the right script to work with because it is about carrying on our legacy. I’m glad I got the story I got. This is a wonderful story that suits Sanju, his age and his personality and does justice to his ample talent. I’ve always tapped one side of it that other producers don’t have. When it comes to working with Sanju, everything comes from the heart. I met him recently and he has lost a lot of weight. She is looking very beautiful and ready to go on the floor. The film we will be working on is a really ambitious project, mounted on a large scale. We’ve all seen it, it’s the kind of cinema that’s flourishing today. ”


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