samsung: Samsung’s new TV remote can charge itself, let’s find out

A computer electronics show is a place where companies usually showcase their products and innovations to the world. Samsung Not different. After announcing solar powered Echo remote Last year CES, The company has now unveiled a new remote that comes with a very interesting charging trick.
The latest Echo Remote now has an additional charging solution in addition to the solar charge. This time, Samsung has added a new RF harvesting capability that converts the router’s radio waves into energy. This allows the new Echo Remote to save charge.
This feature is brand new and is only suitable for low power devices like TV remote etc.
Samsung has also confirmed that the new Echo Remote can be charged using indoor as well as outdoor lights and also using built-in. USB Type-C port.
The company has confirmed that the new Echo Remote will also be available in white color with TVs like Frame, Serif and Sero to match the aesthetics.
For those who are unaware, Samsung has also unveiled a new lineup of its monitors and smart TVs. Smart TVs also come with built-in features like Smart Things Hub, multi view and new home screen to make it easy to find content.
Apart from that, Samsung has also made some changes Subtle LED and Neo QLED TVs provide better viewing experience with better resolution, brightness and HDR support. Other TVs like Sheriff, Cerro and The Frame have received new anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection technology.


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