Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins come face to face

On the high-octane smackdown, Universal Champion Roman Reigns clashed with his former sibling Royal Rumble Challenger Seth Rollins, while Alia broke the WWE record against Natalya. In addition, new challenges emerged for the SmackDown tag team title, and Lita’s return to SmackDown, the first trip of its Blue brand in 20 years, gave a smackdown of luck to SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Here are the recaps, highlights, and results of the January 14 episode of WWE Rona:

WWE SmackDown began with a video reminiscent of Rollins’ assignment as a Universal title contender. After retaining their SmackDown tag team title in a street fight against The New Day last week, The Usus launched the next episode of the Blue Brand, discussing the brilliance of The Bloodline.

The four teams that will take part in the Fatal 4-Way Tag Team match to select their next rivals were then introduced by Jimmy and J. Viking riders, Cesaro and Mansour, Los Lotharios and Jinder Mahal and Shanki were among the participants.

Los Lotharios Vs. Cesaro and Mansoor v. Jinder Mahal & Shenky Vs. The Viking Riders – No. 1 contender match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Viking Riders defeated Los Lotherios, Jinder Mahal and Shanki, Cesaro and Mansour to become the top contenders for the SmackDown tag team title. Yusos entered the ring before the fight, wearing a shirt with scratches on Paul Heyman’s face.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boggs attack Sami Zen’s “Inzain” stunt:Zain was then constantly delayed and then he dropped out of the act. Shinsuke Nakamura hits Zen with Kinshasa while Rick Boogs knocks Zen out of the ring on crash pads.

Alia vs Natalya:Alia set the record for the fastest win in WWE history when she beat her rival Natalya by pinfall after she rolled up with a schoolboy pin. Alia avenged Natalya’s achievements as a multiple Guinness World Record holder.

Lita attacks Charlotte Flair:Four-time Women’s Champion Lita is back on the Blue Brand for the first time in 20 years and to show that she is now ready for the second race is a women’s rumble! SmackDown Women’s Champion and fellow Royal Rumble contestant Charlotte Flair, stopped her with charges. Lita responded by slapping the title holder before striking with a twist of fat after an intense literal duel.

Shames vs Ricochet:Sheamus beat Ricochet by pinfall after giving a brog kick. Shimos appeared in a pre-match promo, promising a definite revenge for breaking Ridge Holland’s nose at Ricochet.

Medcap Moss vs Coffee Kingston:Before the game, Kingston gave both good and bad news. The bad news is that King Woods will not fight in this year’s Rumble due to a calf illness. Kingston, on the other hand, will compete. Advertising was interrupted by Happy Corbyn and Medcap Moss which resulted in a battle in which Medcap Moss won by pinfall over Coffee Kingston after the punchline.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins:At the end of the show, Rains and Rowling were face to face. Rollins said they had won every one-on-one match between them but Rains accused Rollins of being in the past, and claimed he was now in “God mode” because he was close to a world-record-breaking title regime. . Both continued. Usus failed to confront Rollins until the trade humiliation. Because the latter was able to escape and escape the ramp without causing any damage, the buildup hints at how thrilling their Universal title clash at the Royal Rumble would be.

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