Report: Influential actor involved in the murder case of Bangladeshi actress Rayma Islam Shimu? | Bengali Movie News

Popular Bangladeshi actress Rayma Islam Shimu The man who went missing on the morning of January 16 was found dead outside Dhaka On January 17. Raima’s body was found in a sack with many scars. Preliminary investigations by local police revealed that she may have been killed elsewhere and her body was dumped near the Keraniganj bridge. Later on January 18, Raima Islam Shimu’s husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel After hours of interrogation, he finally confessed to his involvement in his wife’s murder.

Not only Shimu’s husband Noble but a friend of his Abdullah Farhad As well as was taken into custody for further questioning. The body of Rayama Islam Shimu was found by Sir Salimulla Medical College Hospital Earlier on Tuesday for autopsy as he had multiple injury marks on him.

The motive behind the killing is yet to be ascertained Bangladesh Suggesting that there may be a family quarrel that has caused such a heinous act. There are also reports that a prominent Bangladeshi actor may be involved in the murder case. Was a member of Shimu Bangladesh Film Artists Association And the police investigation is looking for every possible option that could be linked to the case. A Bangladeshi daily has claimed that the influential actor is also a member of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association.

Shimu was living with her husband and child and she went missing on Sunday morning. Her family later filed a missing person’s diary, suspecting something was amiss.

Raima Islam Shimu made her acting debut in the 1998 film Bartaman and has acted in over 25 films and some TV shows.


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