Record-breaker Avinash Sable is eager to break the 8-minute mark with an eye at the World Championships

Avinash Sable I do not know India But it is a national treasure. A 27-year-old soldier of the Mahar Regiment, from a humble family in the Beed district of Maharashtra, Dissolved For the eighth time since its inception last week, it has set its own national record for the 3000m steeplechase.

Sable finished fifth in the Diamond League meet, which was attended by invitation only, and he clocked a time of 8: 12.48, more than three seconds from his previous national record – 8: 16.21, which he held at the Indian Grand Prix in Thiruvananthapuram. In March and he bought 17 seconds better than he broke the national record for the first time in 2018.

Avinash has the ability to break records and that too on a big stage. After running his 5,000-meter race in the Federation Cup in April, where he beat the runner-up by about nine seconds, he smashed 30 years old national record of Bahadur Prasad In his second attempt at discipline at the Sound Running Track Meet.

Avinash Sable is happy not only with his performance but also with the opportunity to compete with the best in the world.

“It was like competing in the Olympics or The world Championship final. It was my first time participating in the Diamond League. We can definitely improve by competing in world-class events like this and I think this is a good preparation for me to move on to the World Championships, “Sable told the media on Friday.

“It’s good that I’m getting a chance to compete in a quality field like the Diamond League. In India, when I compete in steeplechase, I usually run alone on the field. It’s good that I learn how to run in the pack while overcoming obstacles and also learn the strategies of some other top runners, “he added.

He is currently returning from Rabat to Colorado Springs in the United States, where he was for the Diamond League meet. This Sports The ministry had to do Admission And helped him obtain a Moroccan visa with the help of the Indian Embassy in the US.

Sable recalled that initially being alone in the U.S. was a difficult time for him and how he turned it around.

“I was initially sent to Colorado Springs because I was the only one who had a US visa. In the past, others like Jinson Johnson have also come here but have not been able to adapt well due to the cold weather. I was also a little skeptical about new training methods and brand new diets. That’s why confidence has dropped in the past but everything has changed in the last few weeks, “said Sable.

Sable, who is a JSW sports athlete, recalls his time with the Indian Army announcement that the training helped him build his career in athletics.

“Nine months in the Indian Army has been the most important thing in my life as an athlete. A rigorous training schedule not only made me a better athlete but also instilled in me a never-ending attitude and taught me never to give up under any circumstances, “Sable said.

The national champion also praised current coach Scott Simmons for his help.

“Scott (Simmons) has been a key player since I decided to train under him. From changing training schedules to helping me understand new strategies for competing against other world-class athletes, I’m learning a lot from them, “Sable said.

Sable’s next goal is to break the 8-minute mark by improving his record time from 8:30 to 8:12 at the upcoming World Athletics Championships in Oregon from July 15 to 22.

“When I first started competing in Steeplechase in 2018, I was regularly around 8.29-30 on the clock. I never thought I would reach the point where I could reach a margin of 8.12 at any time, “Sable said.

“I think the sub-eight-minute mark is definitely possible, and, Indians are no less capable than their foreign counterparts,” he added.

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