Re-infection of children with Covid-19, other seasonal illnesses: expert

New Delhi: Amid the rise in Covid-19 cases among children, a health expert said that children infected with the coronavirus in January or April are re-infected with the virus but the cases are mild which can be managed at home.
However, other seasonal diseases are also infecting children.
Dr. Nitin Verma director Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital said that children are coming in with Kovid-19 reinfection.
“I have a large number of cases that have covid Getting infected with covid again and again. So the child who was infected with Covid in January was re-infected in April and the one who was in April is now re-infected.”
“If it’s a different strain the protection doesn’t last, so many children are getting Covid a second time,” Dr Verma said.
He further said that children are also getting other infections, “Covid is going on and even now I get about four to five children a day who are down and have confirmed cases of Covid. There are many hand foot and mouth diseases, especially at school. Among the young children going. There are a lot of viral fevers which are early cases of dengue and recently we have also started getting cases of swine flu,” he added.
Verma said most of the Covid cases are mild and can be managed at home.
“Fortunately most of the cases are mild. The severity is only in adults. The advantage in adults is that they have also had their vaccinations. So their symptoms are a bit more but in children they are mild to moderate in severity and all It is managed in-house,” he added.
Regarding the symptoms seen in the children, he said, “Children are showing fever, some of them have sore throat. Some children have rashes and others have symptoms of vomiting and loose motion.”
“Vaccination helps prevent the severity of the disease, and ensures that you stay in the hospital or ICU And wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing,” Dr Verma said about the protective measures.
In most cases, even children from schools have been infected with Covid, Dr Nitin It is important to focus on the school environment.
“So obviously, we need to focus on the school environment to make sure that masks are mandated in schools. You know when kids are eating they’re dispersed so they’re not close to each other. Then this is one way. so that we can prevent the spread of Covid in schools,” said Dr Verma.
On the issue of closing schools to prevent the spread of Covid, he said there was no need for it unless the cases were very high.
“So, if there’s a rapid increase in cases or if we’re seeing an increase in Covid cases with severe disease, then yes, it’s important to close schools. But even in schools, we can devise measures like you can have a hybrid model. . Half the people come so you can maintain social distance. But I think the current situation and the fact that the cases are not very serious, I would not recommend closing schools at this time,” he added.


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