Ramiz Raja puts aside rumors of dismissal and hints at continuing as PCB chief | Cricket News

Lahore: Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja He said he wanted to continue in the top post, following lengthy speculation that he would be fired by the ruling government.
There has been speculation for months that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will soon replace Rameez with his nominee. PCB Chairman
Shahbaz also recently met with three former board chairmen, Khalid Mahmood. Zaka Ashraf And Najam Sethi leads further speculation in cricket matters that Rameez will be asked to go home.
“It’s been two months now and we can’t live on speculation. If something had to happen, it would have happened by now. Look, nothing will improve in Pakistan cricket unless you give continuity a chance,” Ramiz said.
“Cricket gives me excitement. I have many other options. The PM is our line in-charge and I have requested to meet him and brief him on what we are doing and our plans for the future.”
Rameez said his goal is to improve cricket in Pakistan and good work should not be neglected.
“There is no ego issue here, we just want to improve Pakistan cricket. If the constitution allows change then fine but just because of tradition you should not undo the good work,” he said.
“If we can achieve well-defined goals at once, why change? What I’ve seen is that we need to improve our cricket and we need to develop our capacity for talent and wishlists.”
Ramiz, however, admitted that the decision to fire him was entirely in the hands of PM Sharif, who is also the patron-in-chief of the PCB.
“It’s a patron-in-chief’s call but I think the performance speaks for itself and it becomes difficult to make a decision if the fans are with you,” he said.
He was a former prime minister Imran Khan The previous government had appointed Ramiz as PCB chairman last September.


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