Railways eliminated 72,000 Group C and D jobs in 6 years

New Delhi: Indian Railways has eliminated about 72,000 Group-C and Group-D posts in the last six years, including pawnbrokers, waiters, cleaners, gardeners and primary school teachers. According to official documents, 16 zones of the railways proposed to allocate 81,000 such posts for these categories from 2015-16 to 2020-21.
Officials said the posts were non-essential and had little relevance given the changes in work culture and technology adopted. So far 56,888 such posts have been surrendered by Zonal Railways and the remaining 15,495 are to be surrendered. Data shows that Northern Railway has surrendered more than 9,000 posts while South Eastern Railway has eliminated 4,677 posts. Southern Railway has surrendered 7,524 posts and in Eastern Railway, it is more than 5,700. Another 9,000-10,000 such posts could be abolished by the end of the current financial year after the approval of the Railway Board, sources said.
Officials said employees currently holding such posts are likely to be accommodated in various departments.
The Railways decides to assign the post after conducting work-study performance of the employees in the entire zone. Studies also show estimated savings due to dedication to such a post. Officials said the focus of such a study is to reduce non-productive posts. “Instead of having a large number of support staff to carry letters and other documents, we can focus on getting more technical people who can contribute to our growth and performance,” an official said.
In recent years, the number of sanctioned posts in railways has been declining due to outsourcing. The National Transporter has taken this route to reduce the financial burden on it in terms of both salary and pension. At present, the railways spend half of its total revenue on salaries and pensions – 37 paise out of every rupee earned on workers’ salaries and 16 paise on pensions.

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