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Mumbai: Mayank Agarwal He knows that after KL returns to the mix of Rahul and Rohit Sharma it may be limited to sidelines but the coach’s words of wisdom can help him focus. Rahul Dravid, Who asked him to control what was in his domain.
Agarwal, who has been in and out of the team in recent times, scored a fine 120 under pressure on the opening day of the second Test, after which he saw videos of the great Sunil Gavaskar batting and changed his attitude a bit.

“When I was selected, Rahul Bhai spoke to me. He told me to control what was in my hands and said, ‘Go there and give it your best’,” Agarwal said at the end of the day’s play.
“He told me, ‘When you are set, make it bigger.’ I am happy to take advantage of what I started. But the message from Rahul Bhai was very clear that I should count it,” he added.

The Bangalore-based opener lamented that it was unfortunate that he was hit on the head during a net session in England and then had nothing in his hands.
“It was unfortunate for me not to play in England, I got hit and I can’t do anything about it. I accepted it and continued to work hard and keep working on my process and my game.”

During his commentary session that day, Gavaskar talked about how he had advised Agarwal to shorten his accent back-lift and the opener said that so far, he was trying to soften the side-on attitude of the esteemed former Indian captain.
“He told me I should consider keeping the bat a little lower early in my innings. I have a tendency to keep it high. I couldn’t make that adjustment in the short term. I noticed when he was saying this. His shoulder position and basically “I need to stay on the sidelines.”

He hit four sixes off a left-arm spinner that day Ejaz Patel, Who was New ZealandThe best bowler from a distance with four wickets to his name.
He said it was a “conscious decision”.
“He was bowling very well. But every time anything was in our half (our arc), the plan was to be a little bit more aggressive.

“He had that phase when he tied us up, so it was a conscious decision to take him into account whenever we could or whenever he bowled in our place,” he explained.
For Agarwal, the move was more about “toughness and determination” and he was ready to look ugly until he got the result.
“That’s what I thought, but this inning was more about courage and determination, just to stick to the plan, stay disciplined. I know I didn’t look good sometimes, but I got the job done.”
India have yet to reach a commanding score and Agarwal believes the first session on Saturday will be crucial.
“How we start is crucial, the focus is on that. When we want to play it in the first session, the wicket will be harder and it will be harder to bat.”


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