R Madhavan: The success of Southern films does not mean that Hindi films have not done well Hindi Movie News

R Madhavan’s latest film Rocktree: The Nambi Effect is going to be released soon and the actor has been spotted at promotional events late. ETimes He was interviewed at the recent launch where Madhav shared his insights and opinions on the much-discussed discussion of North vs. South films. Using his typical logic and analysis, Madhav said, ”

The truth of the matter is Bahubali 1 and 2, RRR, KGF 1 and 2 and Pushpa are films from all over India which have managed to earn more than Hindi films. The reasons could be many – maybe because these films have a fan following across the country or maybe because they were all made on a large scale. ”

He quickly pointed out that the success of films across India does not undermine the success of Hindi films. He explained, ”

The success of these films does not mean that Hindi films have not been successful. Gangubai Kathiawadi, Kashmir Files and Error 2 Everyone has worked at the box office. Not that these films were small hits, all big hits.

He felt that the epidemic had changed the way people ate movies. He said, “You can say that the habits of the viewers have changed after Kovid. The script of the film should be Kovid proof. I think people have lost patience after the epidemic. The pace of the story in the screenplay should be fast. It didn’t have a screenplay that convinced viewers that the story and drama were moving at a good pace. ”

Another observation shared by Madhav was that the audience was probably impressed by the efforts of the main actors. He explained, “His actors have worked hard in the films that have been successful. In RRR it was the efforts of NTR Jr. and Ram Charan who impressed, in Pushpa, Allu Arjun did an extraordinary job balancing his dance with his character. Appearance and strangeness. “I think the audience is able to appreciate the efforts of these actors when it took them years, not months, to put their films together.”

After sharing his views, Madhav quickly pointed out that any and all logic is irrelevant to the trends of the film industry. He pointed out, “To be honest, it’s useless to analyze these things. The only rule in the film industry is that the day you think there are rules in the film industry, you’ve lost it. Showbiz has a constantly changing scenario. I hope so.” That other films will do well in the coming days and set a new pattern to follow. I don’t think we can really predict anything when it comes to our film industry. ”


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