Quordle 191 Hints, Hints and Answers for August 3, 2022

Quordle is back with another exciting set of puzzles for you. Are you ready to take on the challenge and start a brainstorming session? If yes, then let’s give you some hints and clues to help you guess the correct answer for today’s Quordle 191. If you want to make some guesses instead of going straight to the answer, you can look at the hints below.
If you’re looking for Quordle 191 answers, you’ve come to the right place!
If you haven’t played this game yet then you should because it is more attractive than other games. It is equally difficult because it gives nine chances to guess a quartet of words.
Let us help you guess the answers to the quartet with the help of the following clues? If yes, then let’s proceed.
Today’s quartal starts with C, P, M and L
Quordle 191 ends with letters- T, E, H and T
The first tWO Quordle ends with the letter T
Two vowels are repeated in the last quarter of the day
Go set up! We hope these hints help you guess the correct answers for all the boxes.
Quordle is another word guessing game similar to Wordle owned by the New York Times. Unlike Wordl it is extremely difficult. Check out the answers below for today’s Quordle 191 starting at the top left and ending at the bottom right.
First word: Crest
Another word: prize
Third word: Mass
Fourth word: At least
If you’re searching the Quordle archives, here’s a list of answers:
Quordle: #132: Given,. Mogul, Din, wreck
Cordal: #131: Scope, Block, Roach, Bongo
Chordal: #130: Splat, Savvy, Moron, Dross
Quordle: #129: Farce, Worth, Barge, there
Quordle: #129: Paste, Aglow, Rider, where
Quordle: #127: Pluck, Grave, Midge, Jucy
Cordal: #126: Later, Salon, Grade, Pleasure
Quordle: #125: Lorry, Gnash, Swoop, Exists
Quordle: #124: Cower, Turbo, Duchy, Parka
Quordle: #123: Cover, Morph, Twirl, Refer
Chordal: #122: Gaunt, Exert, Grasp, Third
Quordle: #121: Allay, Crust, Quite, Click

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