PKL: Jaipur Pink Panthers hold Tamil Thalaivas for thrilling tie | Pro-Kabaddi-League News

Bengaluru: Tamil Thalaivas And Jaipur Pink Panthers They played a fun 31-31 draw Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Match here on Sunday.
The defense of both the teams performed brilliantly with the captain of Thalaivas Surjit Singh And Jaipur Sandeep Dhul Picking high 5s. Thaliavas had a two-point lead in the final raid of the match but he made a mistake which resulted in a tie.
His rider Manjeet misjudged a touch and walked into the lobby which resulted in a super tackle and two points for Jaipur.
Tamil Thalaivas made a good start to the match, with their defensive duo of Surjit Singh and Sagar not giving a chance to Jaipur raider Arjun Deshwal.
The Panthers were unwilling to let a point leak in their defense as Sandeep Dhul and Sahul Kumar were easily facing the Tamil attackers. The pace of the game changed when Prapanj felt a shoulder injury during the seventh minute of the raid.
Ajinkya Pawar was brought in to replace him, but Jaipur snatched an opportunity. Surjit Singh made a one-man super tackle on Arjun Deshwal but Jaipur finally got their all out in two minutes. The score was 17-13 in favor of Jaipur at half time.
Tamil coach Uday Kumar wanted his team to return at a slower pace and not work in a hurry, but his team had other plans. The second half started with a tackle by Deepak Hooda of Jaipur after which Bhavani Rajput made a two point raid.
With three left on the mat, Manjit of Thalaivas produced a spectacular super raid that got all out. They took the lead, but Sandeep Dhul and Surjit Singh picked up their high 5s and the Panthers got it back immediately.
Both teams matched for a tackle and with 10 minutes left the score was tied at 24-24.
Ajinkya Pawar got a two-point raid to open the lead for Thaliavas but Jaipur’s Naveen made a super tackle to close the gap. Jaipur, trailing by two points, did a super tackle to get a tie in the last raid of the match.
Thalaivas considers himself unlucky as the raider Manjit had gone into the lobby and was believed to have been touched. But the referees ruled against his claim that he ended the match in a very close fight.


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