Patna Pirates beat U Mumbai 47-36

Raiders Sachin and Guman Singh helped table-toppers Patna Pirates beat U Mumbai 47-36 in Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 here on Tuesday.

Tendulkar (16 points) and Guman Singh (11 points) were in top form for the three-time champions as they consolidated the points at the top of the points table with comfortable wins. U Mumbai’s Abhishek Singh (13 points) and Ajit Kumar (11 points) got their Super 10s but the team, especially captain Fazal Atrachali, struggled for support from the defense.

Despite a mini-fightback by Mumbai, the top scoring was the Pirates of the first half.

The guerrilla trio of Guman Singh, Sachin and Prashant Rai’s Patna Pirates got off to a positive start and gave them an early lead. But a 3-point super raid by Abhishek Singh helped Mumbai out of the pressure of an early all-out. The Pirates were relentless in their pursuit and finally got the first all out to open a huge 9-point lead in the 9th minute.

After that, Mumbai showed great passion to fight back. After being all out, Ajit Kumar’s two-point raids accelerated his attack. Abhishek also contributed as he secured his first all-out at half time from 5 minutes.

This reduced the Pirates’ lead to two, but their raider Sachin got a stunning five-point super raid and once again upset the balance of the match. Raider got his Super 10 in the process and the Pirates got another allout with two minutes left.

The score at intervals was 26-18 and both sides were hungry for more. U Mumbai managed 2 super tackles on Tendulkar but that was not enough to stop the second all out. The Pirates maintained a 10-point lead with 10 minutes on the clock. Abhishek Singh got his Super 10 but Patna’s defense increased as Sajin C. And Mohammedreza Shardlui contributed a tackle point. Guman Singh also picked his Super 10 as the Pirates made sure they had a nice 11-point lead with 5 minutes left.

Ajit Kumar scored points in a row for U Mumbai as they tried to reduce the lead to less than 7 points. He also got his Super 10 as Mumbai did their best to fight back. But the Patna Pirates were not in the mood to give Mumbai an easy point in their bid for a place in the playoffs.

Tendulkar got a three-point super raid in the final move of the match so that no one could get a point from the Mumbai encounter.

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