Patna Pirates beat Mumbai to top the points table

The Patna Pirates beat U Mumbai 43-23 in the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 at The Sheraton Grand in Whitefield here on Tuesday.

Their defenders Neeraj Kumar and Mohammedreza Shadloi picked up the high 5s and dominated the well-balanced Pirates from the first minute. All of their players contributed to the victory which helped the Pirates to the top of the points table ahead of the domineering Delhi Casey.

U Mumbai entered the match without the service of star raider Ajith Kumar. Lack of confidence in the raiding department affected the balance of the entire team. Abhishek Singh struggled to make up for the point as the Patna Pirates faced off aggressively.

On the other hand, Mumbai’s corner defenders Fazal Atrachali and Rinku made extraordinary mistakes. Patna made their first all out in the 6th minute of the match as Monu Goyat and Sachin found fault in Mumbai’s defense. The Pirates opened the scoring with a seven-point lead but kept up the pressure on Mumbai.

Ashish Sangwa made a super tackle for Mumbai to give a ray of hope, but the lack of raid options continued to affect the season 2 champion. Tendulkar thought he made another Pirates all-out in the last raid of the half, but Rinku made a spectacular one-man super tackle to delay it. The first half ended with a 19-9 Pirates lead.

The Pirates got their second all out in the first minute after Neeraj Kumar got a high 5 and restarted. The three-time champions were clearly not in the mood to slip and dominated all divisions. The pirates began to kill time with slow raids when Iranian Mohammad Reza Shadloi made sure his left corner was safe.

U Mumbai dominated to come close to an allout in five minutes after the first time out but Mohammad Reza Shadloi made a super tackle to stop them.

Pirates captain Prashant Kumar Rai then got a 2-point raid to bring more Pirates to the mat. They had a 15-point lead in the last five minutes and the Pirates pulled two stunning super tackles to put salt on Mumbai’s wound. The win helped the Pirates to the top of the points table.

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