Outlook: Microsoft begins rolling out improved Outlook Beta application for Windows users

Microsoft Improved roll out has started Outlook Desktop application for Windows Users who are registered in the beta channel. The new app comes just days after it was leaked online and the tech giant was forced to issue a warning to discourage users from downloading it as it was still under development and lacked some features.
This version of Outlook comes with new intelligent features like message reminders and a new calendar board that puts your email, calendar and to-dos in the same view. Additionally, with Microsoft Loop components, you can collaborate across Outlook and team while staying in the stream.
The new version also has a pinning feature that allows you to “stick” emails to the top of your inbox. In addition, the sweep feature allows you to move batches of batches and apply rules to incoming messages.
Notably, the new app is an update Outlook application Mail app preinstalled with Windows 11 is not just a replacement. Earlier it was rumored that the new Outlook app would be a reboot of the Mail and Calendar app.
Available for beta channel users running the latest Outlook 2205 (build 15225.20000) or later version for Windows. As the new Outlook for Windows is still in the preview, you may encounter some gaps.


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