Oppo: Oppo Inno Day 2021 has been announced, which may include a new flagship launch

Chinese smartphone giant Oppo Has announced its annual schedule. ‘Oppo Eno Day‘By a press release, which will be held on December 14 and 15 this year in Shenzhen, China. The event will showcase the technological advances the company has developed over the past year and also provide strategy updates.
The event will be the first online stream for enthusiasts around the world who are expected to be drawn by it. Oppo says this year’s virtual event “will go down as one of the most interactive online launch events in recent years”.
The company resumed the tradition of Oppo Inno Day in 2019. In the first edition of the event the world launched 5G CPE, AR glasses, a smartwatch and other products, most of which were real gadgets that were later sold. Bazaar. The company unveiled its Rollable Concept smartphone at last year’s event. The company will hold a two-day event this year – a “new product launch” on December 14 and a “new flagship launch” on December 15.
Oppo Ino World This is going to be a virtual stage for the event and visitors will be able to visit all the exhibition halls. Visitors can also create their own unique avatars and invite others to see the Easter eggs scattered throughout the virtual world. Registrations are already open, and everyone can join the event.
The company has not yet officially announced what to expect from it Oppo Eno Day 2021, But within a fun and interactive world, everyone is working to turn this event into a virtual experience for them to remember.


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