Oppo may launch customized chipsets for its smartphones

New Delhi: Google Made its customized tensor chipset last year. This is according to a recent online report Samsung Galaxy is also planning to produce its customized chipset for smartphones. Now it looks like other smartphone makers are ready to join the trend. According to an online report, Oppo It is also planning to launch its own processor.
According to an online report from ITHome, Oppo is planning to mass-produce its first smartphone processor in 2023 and the company is expected to launch it in 2024. The report also adds that the chipset will be used in entry-level and affordable smartphones. . The chipset is expected to be manufactured using TSMC’s 6nm process. However, it is rumored that Oppo will use the 4nm TSMC fabrication process in future Oppo chipsets.
The report also adds that various parts of chipset design include back-end and front-end design, IP design, algorithm, supply chain tap-out, memory system architecture and integration into the company.
This is not the first time Oppo has been designing chips. Last year, the company launched its first smartphone chipset – the Mariana Marisilicon X. It is Oppo’s first multi-purpose chipset that combines NPU (Neural Processing Unit), ISP and multi-tier memory architecture. The chipset promises to offer advanced camera-centric features such as 4K night mode video with live previews and more.
Meanwhile, Oppo is all set to launch its new Oppo F21 Pro series in India. The Chinese smartphone maker has confirmed that it will launch the Oppo F21 Pro and Oppo F21 Pro 5G smartphones in the country on April 12.


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